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The power behind the sound
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The power behind the sound

PPI PC 650 6 Channel amp and 2350 Stereo amp

Six Channel Amplifier - PCPRO 650 and Two Channel Amplifier 2350

Capacitor 6 Pack and Esoteric Audio Wire

Street Wires - 6 x 1 Farad Capacitors - lights never dim, and never a strain on the alternator.

PSC-221 Phase Shift Controller

At a live performance you sit in the audience with the stage in front of you. The stage has dimension of width, height, and depth, which is known as image. Each performer on stage has a specific location or image during the performance. To reproduce this in a car places a whole new set of demands and challenges on the audio system. Because of the car's size, the listening position causes the path lengths to be significantly different from left to right, and bass information coming from the rear. This device modify's the phase and realign's the arrival times, which effectively equalizes the distance between the speakers and the listeners ears.

DEQ-230 graphical equalizer

A distinctive feature of DEQ230 one-third-octave graphical equalizer is a removable front panel with controls, which can be placed at a distance of 6 m from the central block, i.e. anywhere in the car insides. The equalizer has a balanced differential input with possible RMS 12 V. Nearly every competitor understands the need to run PrecisionPower signal processors in competition car audio systems.

DAC-348 digital-analog transducer

Sorry - Small Trunk

A twin 24-bit digital-analog transducer of the Burr-Brown Hi-End signal. All analog cascades are intended for direct communication and work in class A. Harmonic factor - not worse than 0.005%, signal/noise correlation - no less than 110 db.